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RMBS has been offering high-quality Revenue Cycle Management solutions to medical practices nationwide. Our company has undergone significant expansion over the years by consistently surpassing customer expectations. As a result, we take pride in being the most highly regarded RCM company in the country. With a workforce of over 300 skilled experts, we have assisted more than 1000 providers across 90 different specialties in streamlining their billing procedures and enhancing their financial performance.

RMBS employs skilled and experienced billing and coding professionals who have extensive knowledge in managing billing and coding for massage therapy. With their expertise, they are able to determine which therapies are eligible for insurance reimbursement and accurately prepare claims by incorporating relevant medical and administrative information. Additionally, RMBS is committed to diligently following up on submitted claims to ensure prompt reimbursement for their clients. Despite being part of a nationwide network, our professionals possess a deep understanding of state-specific regulations related to massage therapy, enabling them to provide localized expertise.

Our team of medical billers in Billings Montana MT has successfully minimized the monotonous and time-consuming tasks associated with medical billing, which ultimately affects revenue generation. With extensive experience and expertise, our billers and coders have streamlined the billing procedures for healthcare providers in Seattle, allowing them to allocate more time, effort, and resources towards delivering top-notch patient care. Leveraging their technological know-how and domain knowledge in your specific field, our billers are dedicated to providing superior service to your practice.

Medical Billing Specialties RMBS Serves

    Increase your Practice Revenue by 30%

    Our company has been a customer of REVLINE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES LLC for more than a year. REVLINE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES LLC operational team is very responsive and technically knowledgeable: shorter credentialing time for our company and providers, claims processed promptly and accurately. With REVLINE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES LLC, our billing cycle has significantly improved, allowing us to focus on what we do better: providing the best care to our patients. To sum it up, REVLINE MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES LLC has a commitment to excellence and we look forward to more collaboration and success in the days ahead with its team.

    JeanOffice Manager of Foundational Healthcare Solutions LLC

    Revline is a great billing company. I am most impressed with their speedy response time when I have billing questions.

    Dr. Robyn Richardson Cerebral Counseling PLLC

    Revline has been a true partner in progress. They met Shalom Nursing Care LLC at the brink of failing and losing revenue due to insurance issues. They rescued Shalom by stepping in to correct all the problems we were faced with and were able to generate revenue for us. What was so profound was that they were only paid from the revenue generated nothing else. I can recommend this company to anyone at any time.

    Dr. Ed LavalyShalom Nursing Care LLC

    Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services

    The Medical Billing industry is known for its reliability and professionalism.

    Our team of skilled experts utilizes their expertise in the healthcare industry to cater to your billing procedures and can provide a comprehensive solution for your medical practice. If you are seeking to optimize any of the functions listed below in your clinic, you won't need to search elsewhere:

    • Patient registration
    • Electronic billing on primary as well secondary insurance claims
    • Follow-up on account receivables
    • Appeals on denied claims
    • Patient collections
    • Monthly practice reports