Medical Credentialing Services

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Right Medical Credentialing

The right medical credentialing service determines the future of healthcare practice and establishes a relationship with patients and insurance companies. All you need is a perfect credentialing and Medical Billing Services like ours that is tailor-made to the needs and requirements of your practice.

Medical Credentialing Services

What Is A Medical Credentialing Service?

Medical Credentialing Service was once considered an optional thing for healthcare practitioners as they thrived on “cash-only” but today it is seen as a necessity. The definition is quite simple; “Medical credentialing is a process of verification of a healthcare provider’s qualification to make sure they are capable of providing proper care to the patients.” In other words, Medical Credentialing means equipping yourself by getting on insurance panels.
The process is quite simple and gets completed after the verification of all the documents of the healthcare provider to make sure they are current and valid using Medical Billing Analytics And Reporting Services. The documents that need to be verified include:
➢Malpractice Insurance
➢Medical License
➢Provider’s CV
➢Board Certifications
➢Medical School Information
➢Internship/Residency/Fellowship Information

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Why Do You Need A Medical Credentialing Service?

Gone are the days when medical practices could run on “cash only”; today patients and clients seek services that accept their insurance plan. If they won’t find a practice that accepts their insurance for payment, they are more likely to walk out of the premises without getting any service.


Here are the top reasons why you need a Medical Credentialing Service:

With so much competition around, it is the need of the hour to demonstrate your professionalism as a healthcare provider. A standard process of credentialing involves data collection, verification of primary sources Denial Management Services as well as review by hospitals or healthcare agencies. All of this exhibits the healthcare provider’s experience and merit

Next step is categorization. In this step, we assign the claim to the designated team for corrective measures after identifying the reasons

After the categorization of the claims, their respective departments collect and resubmit them for a claim again

In this step, we perform regular follow-ups to track the status of the claims that were submitted.

In this step, we come up with a checklist of all the denial reasons and ways to cope up with them.

After the preventive action, we run a second level check which helps in avoiding the rejections in future..